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Judicial reform is the complete or partial political reform of a country's judiciary. Read More!
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Special administrative courts include the National Court of Asylum Right as well as military, medical and judicial disciplinary bodies. Read More!
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The LSA is a cumulative monthly publication that lists the titles and sections that have changed and indicates the page on which the change can be found in the Federal Register. Read More!

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Administrative law in the People's Republic of China was virtually non existent before the economic reform era initiated by Deng Xiaoping. Read More

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American Law Reports, Call No. KF132 . A56 and American Law Reports Federal, Call No. KF132 . A47. Restatements of the Law organize the common law of the United States in a distinctive format that includes the text of legal provisions, official commentary, illustrations, and notes.
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Often, bank tellers don't even look at the date while handling checks.

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    101 1, refers to the title number 26 and the section number 1.

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    ALI has completed Restatements in over fifteen subject areas.

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    The website allows for searches by lawyer, practice area, or geographic location.

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